5 Tips for Posing Hands in Wedding and Portrait Photography

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Whenever there is a wedding or a portrait photography, the most challenging thing is posing hands and how to use them correctly. Hands are important while posing because they can say so much. Hands convey the love and affection, softness, masculinity, femininity, and softness between the couples.

So while doing photography, we often get confused about what to do with our hands? How can we make them look amazing and soft? Where should they be placed to convey love and affection?

Here are some tips which will ideate you for your next wedding, portrait or fashion shoot that may help you get rid of the posing issues.

#1 – Avoid showing the widest part of the hand

To help make hands look graceful, simply avoid having the back of the hand facing towards the camera as that is the widest part of the hand. This is important because the hands in proportion to the subject’s face can make the hands look larger than they actually are, or can make feminine hands look quite masculine.

#2 – Soft hands

Female hands need to appear easy-going, delicate, and elegant. To achieve this, it’s a matter of conveying to your bride or model to relax or soften their hands. A simple way of demonstrating how to do this is to hold your hand out then fully tense it up and then allow it to drop and relax slightly even wiggle the fingers so they are loose. Think of it like a big balloon, you’re just letting out a little air so they don’t look so hard and stiff.

#3- Bend the wrist

Bending the wrist (a slight bend so it’s not straight) is such a simple method to break a straight line and create more shape and texture in a shot. Remember the female form looks best when we can see beautiful natural curves, this includes the wrists.

#4 – Have the hands doing something that appears natural

People often ask, “What can I get my model or bride to do with her hands? I’m stuck for ideas.” This one is one of the simplest issues to address. You could have her holding the flowers, her veil, her dress, fixing her headpiece, adjusting her engagement ring, putting on perfume, touching her man softly, and many more. Just make sure it’s something she would normally do so it appears natural, otherwise, it may look a little postured and stuffy.

#5 – Posing hands with couples

When photographing the bride and groom, think about where you would place your hands if you were hugging your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Put yourself at their place. Tell the bride to give a pose while hands touching the groom’s hand, forearm, chest, or face in a way that says, “I love you”.

Tell the groom to put his hands on the bride’s waist or on her hands while saying, “I love where your hands are”. This can really change the feel and emotion of your photos.


With all these tips, you should keep in mind that hands should be placed in natural realistic location to give a natural look. The only way is to practice by taking someone with you who can give you an hour. This will increase the level of confidence for your next photo-shoot.

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